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In conjunction with Singapore Airshow 2020, the first Asia Aerospace Media Awards were presented in Singapore on the evening of 11 February 2020. The objective is to recognise and honour the work of Asian journalists and publishers, as well as journalists based in Asia

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The Aerospace Media Awards Asia – Shortlisted Finalists and Winners


The shortlisted finalists and winners of the 2020 Aerospace Media Awards – ASIA are as follows;


Lifetime Achievement Award – sponsored by Lockheed Martin

Tom Ballantyne


Outstanding Achievement Award – sponsored by Lockheed Martin

Geoffrey Thomas


Outstanding Achievement Award – sponsored by Lockheed Martin

Greg Waldron


The Best Safety, Training & Simulation Submission – sponsored by CAE

Kym Bergmann – “Final Air Warfare Destroyer Capability Upgrade Brought Forward” – Asia-Pacific Defence Reporter

Emma Kelly -“Maintaining the pilot pipeline” - Asian Aviation

Adrian Schofield - “ADS-B network promises major benefits” - Aviation Week & Space Technology  

Arun Sivasankaran - “Upward trend” - Asian Defence Technology

Geoffrey Thomas and Steve Creedy - “Pilot training, skills levels and automation” - Airline Ratings


And the winner is – Geoffrey Thomas and Steve Creedy


The Best MRO submission - sponsored by Collins Aerospace

Byron Bohlman – “MRO Asia competition heats up” - SP’s Airbuz

Atul Chandra – “Revolution underway” - Asian Airlines & Aerospace

Alfred Chua - “In U-Tapao, a growth opportunity for Thai Technical” - FlightGlobal

Michael Doran – ““AOG is a four-letter word” - Asian Aviation

Adrian Schofield – “Asian expansion” - Aviation Week & Space Technology


And the winner is - Atul Chandra


The Best Propulsion submission - sponsored by Pratt & Whitney

Michael Doran - “Powering ahead” - Asian Aviation

Rohit Goel – “Electrical Propulsion to Shake up Aviation” – SP’s Civil Aviation Yearbook

Greg Waldron - “Secret world of Chinese fighter engines” - FlightGlobal

A.K. Sachdev - “Engine leasing” - SP’s Aviation

Murali Sundaram – “Sustainable alternative jet fuels” - BizAv India


And the winner is - A.K. Sachdev


The Best Business Aviation Submission – sponsored by Gulfstream

Ayushee Chaudhary - “Coming full circle Pole to Pole in less than 48 hours” - BizAv India

Chris Frame - “It’s a business jet turned lifesaver” - Australian Aviation

Bradley Perrett - “China dashes business aviation hopes once again”- Aviation Week & Space Technology

Sudhir Rajeshire – “6 Reasons why it Benefits all” – SP’s Airbuz

Peter Shaw-Smith - “VistaJet sees one quarter of its membership based in ASIA” – ABACE Convention News


And the winner is - Bradley Perrett



The Best Rotorcraft submission

Atul Chandra –“Rotorcraft revolution” - Asian Defence Technology

Emma Kelly - “Vital signs” - Asian Aviation

Bradley Perrett -“Utility Is Just The First Role For The Chinese Z-20” - Aviation Week & Space Technology

Pushpindar Singh - Rotorcraft of the Navy” - Vayu

Greg Waldron - Australia takes its Tigers to sea” - FlightGlobal


And the winner is - Emma Kelly



The Best Military Aviation submission

Vladimir Karnozov - “Chinese fighter aircraft” - Defence Review Asia

Dzirhan Mahadzir - Development Plan for the RMAF” - European Security & Defence

Pushpindar Singh – “In defence of HAL” - Vayu Aerospace and Defence Review

S.B. P. Sinha – “India finally uses military option against terrorists in Pakistan”- SP’s Aviation

Kelvin Wong - “Deleted image shows Singapore airforce Heron1 UAV with new belly payload pod” – Jane’s International Defence Review


And the winner is - Kelvin Wong



The Best Commercial Aviation submission 

Tom Ballantyne “Region’s Aviation Roiled by Hong Kong Protests and Trade Conflicts” Orient Aviation

Emma Kelly – “Driving efficiency” - Asian Aviation

Jun Onoda - “Mitsubishi SpaceJet series” – The Yomiuri Shimbun

Adrian Schofield - “Aircraft order wave reshapes South Pacific Strategies” - Aviation Week & Space Technology

Greg Waldron - “MRJ’s lifeline, lawsuit and long-term hopes” - FlightGlobal


And the winner is - Jun Onoda


The Best Un-Manned systems submission

Gordon Arthur - “Drone wars” - Shephard Media

Kym Bergmann - “RAAF pursuing several UAS projects” - Asia Pacific Defence Reporter

Bradley Perrett - Boeing’s Australian escort UAV address Chinese threat” - Aerospace Daily & Defense Report

Greg Waldron - “China finds its UAV export sweet spot” - FlightGlobal

Kelvin Wong – “Deleted image shows Singapore airforce Heron1UAV with new belly payload pod – Jane’s International Defence Review


And the winner is - Gordon Arthur



The Aerospace Media Awards Asia were presented at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel on the 11th of February, the evening of day 1 of the Singapore Airshow.





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